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Pedanticism is a practised by people so focused on errors that they sometimes end up missing the errors of their own.

Pendanticism is related to perfectionism in the fashion that the individual practicing this form of perfectionism always are experiencing the need to correct 'faults' until absolute 'perfection'.

If this person spots an error, they have to correct it, even if it would be deemed unneccessary by other individuals.

Sometimes the error they feel the urge to correct the errors that are not even there. This often leads to conflicts, where a more immature person might start peckering even further about inexistant errors.
OMG, nub u liek cnat spell! Taht word isnt spelld liek that!!

Victim for unmotivated correction:
Before you start peckering me with your inexistant errors, perhaps you should take a look at your own pedanticist-behaviours.

There are definitive downsides of pedanticism, as you can see.
by PlentyofLingon May 30, 2009
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The incorrect word for pedantry. Used by ignorant people trying to sound smart by putting an "-ism" at the end of any word to make it a noun.
"Enough with the pedanticism and let us eat."
"The word is pedantry."
by Pedantry_Personified November 10, 2015
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