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An enormous pool in allwhitetukee runed by the city of phoenix, the maneger there has no idea what she is doing and she always pissed of over some thing. And they treat all the lifeguards there like the are in 3rd grade even though most of them are18+. It is always fucking crowded and the people who go there are spolied rich people and they fuking coplain the whole time.. uhh basicicly
1. Pecos pool is the worst pool to work for period.
by Art Fairbaks August 30, 2007
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One of the many City of Phoenix public pools where the staff is like a family and the guests are pretty darn close. The best summer job any high school or college kids could possibly find. You get paid to spend time with awesome coworkers.
Jen: How can you afford all those new clothes?
Delaney: My summer job.
Jen: How much did you make?
Delaney: Close to 4K in 2 months. Thank you, Pecos Pool!
by patchy the pirate July 26, 2009
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A City of Phoenix Pool in ahwatukee. It's the greatest summer job you could ask for. The staff is amazing and the managers are the best. No other pool comes close.
Person A: where are you headed?
Person B: Pecos Pool the greatest place ever. Where else?
Person A: Oh awesome can I join?
by CGROXANE July 17, 2009
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