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n. like titfucking except there is two males, and one of them is shoving his penis between the other's pectorals
"My two cousins were over last night. One's a dude and the other's a chic."

"Uh-huh... and?"

"My chic cousin has boobs that are so big and perky that I asked her if I could titfuck her... She said no, and that's when my dude cousin came along and asked me if I wanted to pecfuck him."

"And you said yes, didn't you?"
by KP123KP September 17, 2011
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Think of a titty fuck but instead of a broad's tits, you're using a dude's pecs. Simply put, dude #1 is fucking dude #2's pecs, which dude #2 pushes together so dude #1 can fuck 'em. Dude #2's gotta have a nice set of pecs though, else it'll be the same as titty fucking a chick with a rack of A's.
Dude, I TOTALLY pec fucked Dan yesterday!
by _Drew_ May 16, 2007
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