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Your high school journalism teacher who thinks she is the shizz..
She wears green head to toe body suit looking barf worthing outfits.. and has a middle part wavy African safari hair. She likes to give you your main story back like 1902563 times cause its never good enough for the damn yearbook..but really no one gives a crap. ohh and she likes to pair you with random seniors who you don't know so its basically good luck. She makes you feel like crap cause you don't do enough work outside of the 90 minutes and then complains about her life..!
"dude look at (peapodcooks) outfit today!"
"*(throws up)* holy (shit) she is disgusting and I can't even think of he"

"ugh I got back more (edits) on this didn't even go through the (editors) only (peapodcook).
by journalismisbad February 07, 2011
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