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(verb) the act of relying on the most sober friend (if you are a true peace geeser none of your friends are ever completely sober) to wake you up so you can leave a late night drunken rendevous and be home to wake up in the comfort of your own bed before you can actually fully remember what you even did last night.

(verb) a two word phrase that can be whispered among friends meaning...let's get the hell out of here

(relentless next day poses for photos and laughing about the night before) one friend holds up a peace sign while the other friend holds up the geese sign (thumb and pinky out...all other fingers down)....this seems pety, I know....but it never gets old.

A perfectly executed peace geese is done in the midnight hours and sometimes you yourself don't even realize you are doing's like your body has been trained to never wake up in the daylight hours at the scene of a drunken hook-up where you might be forced to realize what you have just done...and who you have just done
(Waking up in your warm comfortable bed at home with your best friend): What the hell happened last night? I don't know but I'm glad that we peace geesed before we realized what we were doing. Should we start drinking before we remember?..Yesssss.
by KB and BT November 05, 2010
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