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pcfs stand for pokemon crazed fans and ppfgs are pokemon fan freak gamers. It was first mentioned by a girl who loved pokemon alot but wasn't that obbesed with it.
The girl whose is anonymous because no on found out what her name was started this into a trend. These types of people wear pokemon stuff all the time and always love going to game weeks dealing with pokemon games. They particcapate in these types of games all the type and never get tirjed of it. There hair also is very noticable because they have hairstyles that have never seen before. You will rarely find these because no one has really seen them before and no one knew what to call them.
Omg. Have you seen Rachel. She is so obbesed with pokemon and has wicked hair. WHAT DO YOU CALL THAT? Oh a pcfs (or pffgs) pokemon fan freaks!
by lilmisstalksalot December 14, 2010
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