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Paulanicole is a girl that will fit in anywhere she'll fit in the geeks ,the popular kids, and anything else you can imagine . She is rebellious and beautiful, she sees the good in people when others only see the bad .They're a good friend when it comes to things that are serious ,she will make you feel happy even if you don't want to .She's friend with almost everyone you can think of .She may be shy at first but when you get to know her she's crazy ,energetic ,and fun .Even if you break her heart she'll give you numeral chances until she knows when to stop .If you get on their bad side you better watch out because it's not cry easy to get on their bad side just watch what you say around them and not do anything stupid and you'll be fine .
by YouDontKnowMeIAmAnonymous June 01, 2017
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