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Pattee Hughes wanted to go to Yale. She took a bunch of AP's and had extracurriculars falling out of her but, all to impress the administration. She was constantly wearing her Yale sweatshirts, even at other colleges. She didn't apply anywhere else because she was sure that with her 5.0 GPA, 1600 on her SAT, Girl Scouts Gold Award, and being the President of 5 clubs, Yale would love her. Unfortunately, Pattee was not accepted to Yale. She ended going to her community college, since all of the other colleges' spots were filled. Now, colleges tend to express that they don't want a "Pattee Hughes" sending out an application. Don't make the same mistake she did. Don't be a "Pattee Hughes."
by collegebaaabyy101 December 03, 2008
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Pattee Hughes was an overachieving student. She had a 5.0 gpa in high school, and she always dreamed of going to Yale. Pattee set the record for visiting a school the most time, going to Yale 13 times. She participated in multiple sports and was president of 5 different clubs. She got a perfect SAT score as well. When she applied to Yale she was rejected because they felt her constant visiting was creepy. Pattee is an example to all those grade-grubbing, teachers pet people out there.
I have a 5.0 and am president of three clubs.

Wow, your such a Pattee Hughes.
by Thebazile December 03, 2008
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