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patriotic nigras

A group of losers who fuck around on Second Life making idiots of themselves for the lulz. (which is 'internet moron' for: "Hey look at me, I'm not funny but I want people to laugh anyway")

Think that "The penis is the funniest shit EVER brah!"

Their humor is shared by:

13 year old boys

*Drunk 13 year old boys seem to be immune.

Fail to realize that devoting time to trolling a game pretty much makes them the same as the people who play for real. Except PN just spends all their time pretending to be that clown from V for Vendetta.

Except, instead of a corrupt government, they're taking down a Sims MMO's player base.

And, instead of waging war through the invigoration of public social conscious, they make cartoon dicks fly around.
Good Job guys...

Oh and before you PN fanboys get too antsy and fill your virtual diapers with angry butt brownies,

There, you should be giggling now.
Go bounce this ball...
patriotic nigras? They're name is so edgy! I'm already offended because I'm a fuckin' nun! what do they do again? Troll Second Life? WTF is that?... ...WOW. They do this why exactly?...Oh yeah, they sure showed everyone who the losers are.
by esper777 May 15, 2009
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A griefer group in Second Life led by Mudkips Acronym, commonly referred to as the PN. They do it for the lulz, which is a corruption of L O L. They have come from the internets to cleanse the furfags, Lindenfags, lulzcows, Prokofy, and generally all forms of faggotree and SRS BSNS. A nigra's hobbies include rezzing monuments to memes, firin' lazers (after chargin'), doomsday weapons which crash servers, and the occasional Grid Destroyer type weapon which can wipe the entire SL grid of Internet 2.0.

Patriotic Nigras win. Chikkinz and Waturmellunz for all. Also cocks.
by NigrasAreYourFriends August 04, 2007
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