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The path of shame is a wonderful technology-driven adventure. After sitting down in a chair, putting their hands up against a rail, and putting on a virtual reality headset, the victim is given the image of a person of their preference doing various sexual acts to them. As this is happening, the vibrator attached to the chair turn on for full effect. After about 10 minutes of fun, the video changes. The victim is in a dentist's office, with a man way over 85 years old standing over them with a toothless grin and that thing that sucks water out of your mouth. Clamps come down on the hands, legs and feet of the victim as the vibrator buzzes faster and the old man in the game unzips his pants. The victim cannot escape just by closing his eyes, as their headset is glued to their skull and the old man is whispering in their ear. Suddenly, the chair lurches forward and the screen goes dark. The clamps start to tighten and the vibrators buzz even faster. Shrek appears behind the victim in the game. Clamps on the back of the chair force the victim's asscheeks more than 4 inches. Hydraulics in the back of the chair start shooting out directly into the victim's ass, straightening their small intestine. The chair starts spinning rapidly, drowning out the already muffled screams of the victim. Buckets of pig blood, human feces, dead animals, and human vomit rain down on the victim, encouraging them to open their mouth and feel the full effect. This is the path of shame.
"Dude, did you try the path of shame? It's so awesome."
"Yeah man, it was the worst experience of my life. I threw up 3 times and came blood."
by Eddy Richtofen October 09, 2014
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