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A relatively harmless subcategory of psychopath whose attacks are limited to couples with rhyming names.

The patchopath's attacks are restricted to juvenile heckling, unless it is discovered that one of it's victims has denounced their given name in favor of a shortened version of their last name, in which case the patchopath may become aggressive. The only effective defense at this point is shielding oneself with the middlemost finger and liberal deployment of F bombs.

The origin of the name is unknown, but is believed to be the result of the first victim's inability to spell-check, possibly to due to post-traumatic stress following the attack.
Victim: I was talking to this lady after work and we were attacked by a patchopath!

Innocent Bystander: OMG, what happened? What did you do?

Victim: Oh, I whipped out the finger and tossed around some F bombs and they took off. It was pretty impressive.
by My Nickname May 06, 2009
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