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When you get a fine hair weave and it itches, you stay looking fly by patting it instead of scratching your hair. This is because a weave is not your actual hair so you can't scratch your actual scalp to relieve the itch.
"Girl, your hair looks so good."
"I know."
"Yeah but it itches so badly."
"Just pat your weave."
by Bonnie Jackson June 29, 2008
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A primping motion of patting one's finely managed hair. It can be flirtatious, self-congratulatory, or a simple mood-lifting reflex.
Catching her reflection in the mirror, Lavender smiled approvingly, patted her weave, and sauntered out into the night.

With every strike she rolled, Cosette put her hand on her hip and patted her weave. By the seveth frame, Devreaux was besotted.

Don't get mad, just pat your weave and move on.
by DrNeal October 04, 2009
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