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To pull out your phone and text a random person during an uncomfortable situation as to avoid interaction with others involved in the uncomfortable situation by coming off as "busy".
John pulled out his phone and started passive texting when his wife's ex husband David sat down next to him.
by Schnitterbit May 15, 2011
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The act of receiving a text and simply not responding, either to piss off youre friends or because you think its funny to leave him/her in a state of obscurity. People will often know this has happened to them when someone reads their texts and they know. This is usually indicated by a check mark next to the initial text.
Tom- Dude, I was texting you for 20 mins and you just stopped responding. You were supposed to come over and watch Star Wars

James- Duh thats weird, I never got that text. I think my phones been messed up lately

Tom- There was a green check mark ass, I know you got it!

Bystander (Aside)- Sounds like James was passive texting, sucks for Tom!
by BoJangles211 November 29, 2009
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