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Where you cuddle a buxom girl's pint-sized "furry four-legged friend" (cat, small dog, rabbit, etc.) for a while, then hand over the animal to her, obliging her to allow your hands/arms to press/rub right against her luscious chest-pillows for a few seconds as she carefully transfers her pet from your grasp to hers. A great and totally "acceptable" way to "cop a free feel" without the cutie's being able to accuse you of being too touchy feeley; if you're super-careful to not move your hand or arm any more than would logically be necessary to simply "pass off" the chesty chick's pet to her, most likely she won't even realize/suspect that you were "passing off"anything on her in the first place.
Sometimes a "pleeze squeeze theeze"-minded chick can herself be guilty of "passing off" the "small pet pass-off" on a guy --- she takes her sweet time and does more "maneuvering and wriggling" than seemingly necessary to merely take back her pet from him. :P
by QuacksO July 07, 2018
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