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A rental apartment that a married man or just a man in his 30's rents just to "passout" at or to bang younger women at. Pass out pads usually have the bare essentials; including a bed and sometimes condoms. But, usually not!

The place is never clean; yet is never dirty. And it is always within walking distance of bars and clubs.

Women usually have to bring their own toilet paper if they want to spend the night there. If you don't, I suggest taking a few cocktail napkins from the bar before you leave.

If you get hungry in the morning, you can forget about breakfast. His fridge wont even be plugged in. So, just make your way to Starbucks and forget that this guy ever existed!
Guy at bar: Want to come see my pass out pad?

You; drunk at bar: Okay
by cityguychicago November 30, 2009
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