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(1) A young and naive member of a general discussions forum on any given site, as long as he is persistent. While there is no universally accepted age group, it is common to assume one is a pashosh until it can be proven otherwise.
"Vlad, you're such a pashosh!"

"This discussion is P (Pashosh) rated. IQ above 10 must be accompanied by a pashosh.
by Vlad November 15, 2004
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hebrew slang,means a homo.
mostly used by homos,to call or approach another homo.

pashosh is a very small bird(warbler)
"hey pashosh! buy me a margarita!"

"hey pashosh, my ass hole is itching, can you help me?"

"hey pashosh,we could share the virus,don't you think?"
by gilli b. August 18, 2005
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