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Sitting in a car in a parking lot with your friends. Talking about everything, listening to music. Climbing light poles, and eating food. Running around the parking lot in floaties and cowboy hats. Parking at 11 pm till 5 am or ??. usually end up sitting on the pavement. Talking on phones trying to figure out what else to do, but end up sitting at the parking lot for hours. Usually what you do if you're poor and have no gas, and live in Flint Michigan.
Amber: Man i'm so bored get off of WoW let's go somewhere.
Megan: okay i leveled. uhh lets get breadsticks and cream cheese.
Amber: alright. And have a parking lot party?
*gets breadsticks from little caesars and pulls up to farmer jack parking lot to eat*
Amber: what you'm want to do?
Megan: i unno
*amber on phone calling people to see if any parties going on*
5 hours later
*megan and amber sitting on pavement listening to The Spill Canvas laughing because Amanda is climbing the light pole. Takes pictures for myspace*

the end
by Megan And Amber August 09, 2006
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