The worst place ever to raise a family. The place is full of creepy white men and pedophiles. Nearly every family has a rabid dog that wants to eat your fucking legs off, preppy teenager, stupid and annoying as shit little kid, and a myspace faggot account. People have gone swimming and died in their water resevoir, and the only thing that makes it in any way pretty is the fact that their faggy music they blast on max volume doesn't kill the plants. If you live in parkesburg, you probably suck at every subject in school and have at least 2 medications.

Obama came by once in a train, when parkesburg found out all of the hippies, black people, and mentally screwed up women came and shouted his name over 9000 times. And you know what? He didn't even pronounce the name right.

Watch out for the faggots who like to ride their tractors like motorcycles.
1. " HELLO PARKERSBURG! " -Obama, who doesn't even care enough about parkesburg to pronounce the name right. I'm not surprised, if I was him I'd do the same.
by epic fail chicken July 13, 2008
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