To leave a location very abruptly; in a sudden hurry.

Derived from the popular 90's TV show, "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" in which the main character, Parker Lewis, and his group of close friends would sync their watches and speed off to implement one of their fool-hearted plans. The way they would speed off became synonymous to the main character's name.
Hurry and give me the keys...I've got to parker lewis before my wife comes back!
by II Shell June 14, 2007
(1) a guy who can not lose.
(2) television show about 3 teens and their highschool
(3) The now popular tv show "scrubs" is modelled after that older show, "parker lewis cant lose"
by kegdude May 26, 2004
A FANTASTIC show on Fox in the early '90's. Basically an anti-90210. Came on right after the Simpsons so most cable broadcasters did not have Fox yet. It will never be on DVD due to all the music rights from different companies. Sad. If you like the cut scenes from "Scrubs", You will LOVE this show.
"Dude, did you see "Parker Lewis Can't Lose!" last night?"
"No, I don't have Fox yet. I watched 'Eerie, Indiana'."
by Turboplf September 7, 2008