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one of the most gorgeous girls on the face of this planet . she's perfect from head to toe . everyone knows her and if they don't , they wish they did . she's so sweet and stunning . did i mention that she is STUNNING? yeah . her name is just so awesome . it'd be so cool if she went to paris and came back and was like , " hey guys , i'm paris and i've been to paris ! " epic moment right there . if you don't know her then you should get to know her . i mean she isn't hard to miss , she's the one with the gorgeous face and amazing personality . long story short , she's amazing . <3
- gosh , i wish i knew paris . she's so amazing .

- there you have . Paris Stuckey ladies and gentlemen . making girls all around feel like poop compared to her .
by LULU . c; October 24, 2011
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