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noun: A sexual act that consists in saving up the bones of the buffalo wings you had for dinner, filling up a condom (or two layers of condoms, for safety) with them and introducing it into your partner’s cavity (Be it vagina or anus).

The irregular form and protuberances of the bones inside the condom tickle the internal tissues of your partner, thus causing them bursts of intense pleasure (similar to ribbed condoms).

Since, when performing the act, your partner’s vaginal or anal walls are now covered in bones, there is no light, and the environment is moist, it is said to resemble the underground Catacombs of Paris. Hence the name.
Sam: « Yo, Alex! That French chick you introduced me to yesterday is a real freak »

Alex: « Why?! »

Sam: « She suggested we go have dinner at Hooters and then had me do a Paris Catacomb on her »

Alex: « Neat, dude! »
by mittluva May 04, 2018
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