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pronounced: pap-ee-show
(adjective) word used by west indians, to describe anything they deem nonsensical and/or illogical. 'papisho' can be used to describe people or circumstances. It is generally used in derogative situations, very similar to the term 'bullshit'.

(noun) a fool, jester. someone that cannot be taken seriously

(verb) to papisho someone or to take someone for papisho
to treat someone in a disrespectful manner, to make light or to make a fool of them.
That is pure papisho.
This is pure nonsense/ bullshit

You eh see that girl is a papisho?
Can't you see you can't take her seriously/she's a fool

who you trying to papisho?
Who are you trying to fool?
by kunta A. May 29, 2011
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