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A female with an immaculate body, but a less than satisfactory face.

Named after popular Robert Munch character of the same name.
"this girl had a nice body, but a filthy face, so I put a paper bag on her head, and had my way with her. One might just call her a paper bag princess"
by Chodester July 16, 2003
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A girl who is really beautiful and has a great body but doesn't necessarily dress the part.

Usually a hippie, or an accomplished woman who doesn't care about the latest fashion trends or other materialistic crap.
She's my paperbag princess.

Translation: She's beautiful inside and out, and doesn't feel like she has to wear tight brand name jeans to show the whole world her curves.
by beebee111 December 27, 2010
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A girl that is so ugly you have to put a paperbag over her head while having sex so that you aren't disgusted.
Girl: Am I your little princess?
Guy: Of course you're my princess...My paperbag princess!
by Abbas Tard May 20, 2006
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A girl or young woman who realizes, like the character in Robert Munsch's book of the same name, that she needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.
"Lauren's life as a paper bag princess meant that she'd always be using her super powers to help people who really needed her instead of to reproduce empty societal expectations."
by EliasSchewel October 09, 2011
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Much like a butterface. A girl who has a great body, but a rather unattractive face. She'd be great in bed, but you just have to cut holes out of a paperbag and pop it right over her head.
GUY 1: "Hey look at that Nancy girl. Nice ass"
GUY 2: "Yeah, but look at her face."
GUY 1: "She's a real paperbag princess alright."
GUY 2: "Nice one."
by scottybouch January 27, 2008
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