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Commonly used by fans of the hip Broadway musical, Disney's Newsies, the phrase is synonymous with "roll up" and "hook up"
"Ay yo bro I picked up that OG you down to pape up tonight?"

"That party was so lit last night! Homeboy got lucky and paped up a cutie!"
by Pape lord May 29, 2018
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Coming from the hip Disney Broadway show β€œNewises” Pape up has multiple meanings.

One way the word can be used is it could be used is if you were talking about smoking up and the other way is if you had just hooked up with somebody
Hey my guy i just picked up some of the og, wanna pape up?

Bro you won’t believe this, I just paped up the hottest girl.
by Pape lord June 04, 2018
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