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An awesome guy! A warm, cuddly, and usually hairy boyfriend, husband, etc.
I love you, papabear!
by k.wel March 22, 2008
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A growly bossy bear that will make you behave...when he needs to. Otherwise, a PapaBear is the epitome of kindness and compassion. He is the perfect balance of tough and cuddly, that keeps our little family going.
That Papabear is a hoot!
Uh oh, someone pissed off Papabear again...
by SpankyPantsMcgee February 12, 2014
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Used in reference to somebody of great authority or of a greater social rank than you.
A wordblazed outword gang lockin' lo' down the back street of a grubby estate:

Timothy: Whaddup, papa bear?
Kieth (an individual of greater authority): Not much.
by Qwerty October 09, 2003
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Bill O' Reily, as said by Stephen Colbert.
"We are less than 48 hours from papa bear coming on our show, and my chair is squeaking!" -Stephen Colbert on Tuesday, the 16th of January.
by fredfx January 20, 2007
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