An awesome guy! A warm, cuddly, and usually hairy boyfriend, husband, etc.
I love you, papabear!
by k.wel March 23, 2008
A growly bossy bear that will make you behave...when he needs to. Otherwise, a PapaBear is the epitome of kindness and compassion. He is the perfect balance of tough and cuddly, that keeps our little family going.
That Papabear is a hoot!
Uh oh, someone pissed off Papabear again...
by SpankyPantsMcgee February 12, 2014
Papabear, if your friends call you papabear that usually means they’re Frightened of you and want your rock hard cock
Alexia : give me that rock hard cock papabear

Dani : me too

Monica : me three

Erick aka sonbear : papabear help me franky touched me fathhaa
by Papabear Jesus December 28, 2017
Papabear , if your friends call you papabear usually means they’re your bitch and realized that your the alpha male and your cock is minimum of 8 inches and you love crushing dani , alexia and jailenes tight asses
Erick : papabear come and protect from the franky

Papabear : okay son bear
by Papabear Jesus December 28, 2017