One of the last great songs by The Temptations. By this time, 1972, The Temptations were far removed from their romantic-chart topping ballads of the 1960's such as My Girl, Ain't Too Proud To Beg, I Wish It Would Rain, I'm Losing You and Beauty's Only Skin Deep, and were more into what became known as Psychedelic Funk, which was something that caused Eddie Kendricks to leave the group as he felt it wasn't keeping true to what made the Temps great. The song was sung by Lead singer Dennis Edwards(one of his last songs as a Temp), falsetto and newcomer Damon Harris(replaced Kendricks), originals Otis Williams and Melvin Franklin, and Richard Street(replacing Paul Williams and was with the guys pre-Temptations days), the music was played by a combination of The Funk Brothers(with the Temps from the beginning) and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Recorded in 1972 at Motown, Studio A, it was a 6:54 single edit and 12:02 album edit song. Sang entirely in B-flat minor, very unusual for a song to stay in one key. Won 3 Grammy's, peaked at number 1. A great song overall
Papa Was A Rolling Stone, Wherever he laid his hat was his home, and when he died, all he left us was alone.

The song Papa Was A Rollin' Stone is one of the Temptations most recognized songs

"Dude, I was so high last night, and that song Papa Was A Rolling Stone played, and the music man, totally trippin balls and I could see the music. TOTALLY AWESOME"
by SolidSnake3572 September 20, 2013
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