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One of several related nouns, each describing a seperate form of sexual intercourse. Popularized by the website .

1) n. During sexual intercourse, a handjob given while a pair of panties is wrapped around the giver's hand as she strokes the recipient's penis.

2) n. During sexual intercourse, a somewhat awkward maneuver in which a male's penis is inserted into a pair of panties, and a handjob is given, while the giver is still wearing said panties.

3) n. During sexual intercourse, the act of a female grinding her hips against a male's penis, while wearing panties.
1) "Oh yeah, wrap those panties around your hand and give me a pantyjob!"

2) "Hang on, let me get my cock inside your panties so you can give me a pantyjob."

3) Grinding is the first step to a sucessful pantyjob.
by Cletus T. Thomas April 18, 2006
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When your GF takes off her moist panties and puts them on you prior to accomodating the pepperoni.
"My boyfriend came in about one second when I gave him that panty job."
by redneck kicker January 19, 2008
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When a woman rubs her vulva (or butt) along a man's erect penis which is inside the panties she is wearing.
I wanted to have intercourse with her, but she said she would only give me a panty job; which was fine because I filled her panties with cum which got all over her crotch to the point she had to take them off.
by Half-Breed September 27, 2009
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