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A state of physical trance play that combines various kinds of orgasm (explosions of energy) with ontonse (a regular implosion of energy) within an intensely small/intimate nonlinear play. These explosions and implosions feed off one other, creating a sustainable state of enjoyable pleasure. The sustainable state of pantan can become the context of your whole life. Pantan is the state of turn-on, aroused enjoyment of life and of being together. Within pantan creativity, inspiration, a sense of awe and newness, etc. always are at work. (A word created by shaman performance artist Frank Moore.)
She has an amazing ability to actively/focus surrender physically into pantan during dancing/playing. (from a performance write-up of “Exploring of Possibilities of Passion”, by Frank Moore)

They lived each day together in an intimate joyful turn-on to life, to each other, physically and in every way, a pantanic life where everything, each other, their jobs, their daily activities were always enough, always full and deep, even in the smallest everyday details.
by Cherotic October 07, 2016
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