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Pansensuality is an identity in which someone is physically attracted to all types of people (or things,) though does not necessarily want to have sex with all or any of them. Pansensuality is implicit in the term Pansexuality, which does not necessarily differ from the above definition.
Dude, just cuz I'm pansensual does not mean I want to hook up with your sister. I'm not pan-dtf.
by Snugrugbug February 20, 2014
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Pansensual is thing in which you are attracted sensually to all genders, regardless of sex. It is different from Pansexual, because Pansensuals would not have sex with all genders, and can have any sexuality regardless.
Hey, I'm pansensual, not pansexual. I don't wanna hook up with your sister, I'm gay.
by psudeom January 30, 2018
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