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A candidate running for political office who shamelessly attempts to lure in votes by making patronizing and empty concessions and shows of support for particular special interests.
Observer 1: OMG did you see how John McCain has started hanging out with that crazy guy who runs a megachurch in Georgia to try to get the evangelical vote?

Observer 2: yeah, what a Pander Bear.
by chrlz qr March 24, 2008
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One who will shamelessly promote themselves, their business, their products, their agenda, etc. on a consistent basis for personal gain. A Pander Bear will often utilize multiple social networks to promote themselves.
All of his updates are about his website-what a Pander Bear!
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Noun: One who chronically flatters and people-pleases in a misguided attempt to make people feel good about themselves.

PanderBears often give those around them an unwarranted sense of safety, trust and dependence.

PanderBears are not malicious, but rather fear not being liked by others so they go out of their way to make those around them feel good at any cost.
"When I pointed out the herd of models that had just walked into the bar, and mentioned how I wished I could dump some of the 20 pounds I had gained onto just one of them so she could be a normal girl, he said to me, 'Please, you're still the hottest girl in this place. Everyone is checking you out, not them.' He is such a PanderBear, but I love it!"
by Capybarrra January 15, 2012
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