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Pandarilla’s range in size from nine feet tall to twelve feet tall. They are stockily built. Their faces, fur, and legs greatly resemble those of a bi-pedal panda’s, however their arms are long and strong, and their midsections are broad and heavy-built like a gorilla’s. Though their fur is always black and white, their eye colours range from a warm brown, to a cool grey. Their markings vary slightly from pandarilla to pandarilla, and frequent exposure to a single pandarilla will cause you to be able to tell them apart from the others. The females are typically larger, and are quite noticeably different from the males physically. Pandarilla’s typically wear woollen robes of neutral colours, and large wide brimmed hats.

Personality: Pandarilla’s are not personable, and typically live alone in huts, until mating season in the deep winter, where they immediately go south to find mates. Pandarilla’s live with their mothers until they come of age, then they leave to make their own huts.
wtf, I thought pandarilla was a girl, you mean hes really a 12 ft tall monster who could eat me?
by ajvanadri (pandarilla) September 01, 2005
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