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A wise Panda God once said: Pandas believe that if you can't reach something, it's not important

In Pandalogy you follow the beliefs in the panda gods and their commandments

10 commandments of the Panda Gods
1. Thou shall always be lazy
2. Thou shall multiply for a panda army
3. Thou shall sleep at least 12 hours a day
4. Thou shall eat at least one bamboo forest a day
5. Thou shall not scream wile being eaten by a Panda God
6. Thou shall not try to reach what you can't reach
7. Thou shall try to evolve to rule mankind
8. Thou shall sleep and eat for 6 days on the 7 day thy shall eat more than thy sleep
9. Thou shall party every day
10.Thou shall be tasty and have blood type THC
The panda gods demand you to keep to these commandments or thy shall be eaten
Pandas are large, furry creatures who specialize in the art of being endangered. They have set up an advanced civilization in your back yard complete with tiki bars and large indrustrial companies of no importance whatsoever. Their Religion, Pandalogy is the belief in the Panda Gods.
by Pandafayse August 27, 2010
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