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1) When you feel your girl's fart wind during intercourse; common in Aunthairyho, Canada.

2) When your banging your hoe missionary style and you can feel her silently fart on your flabby nut sack, and she acts like it didn't happen, but it did; common in samsqwanchewan, Canada

B) when you're eating your hoe out after you called her the wrong name, and she silently farts on your chin. She may or may not acknowledge the expulsion of putrid gasses from her anus catapulted to your chin; common in Manlytoebutt, canada.
1) "Eeew babe!! You did NOT just fart on me, girl!! I felt that gust of wind up in my eye, imma get pink eye now, eh? cause of your stupid panda's whisper"

2) TaiCho: "so yeah, after we left Poutine Hut, I banged D'wonna, and she totally surprised me with the panda's whisper, eh? she made my sac flap. It was oddly arousing"

B) Daultry: " I was eating Mandi's pussy, eh? and a huge silent gust of rancid wind bolted out of her ass n' right on to my chin. She laughed and denied it. I got hit with the ol' panda's whisper"
by BranDonAshEmpress15 January 10, 2015
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