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Palomo is a Dominican slang for a guy that cannot get any girls for the life of him. Basically a "chump".
Jose: So you went out with Maria and you did not kiss her knowing that she likes you?

Luis: I got scared bro.
Jose: You're a palomo.
by Teketeke July 01, 2016
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It can mean various things like, being scared of doing something, or somebody that is a herb, or someone that is soft Or gay
Example one.

Guy1: Yo bro you are a palomo. Big timr!)
Guy2why you say that?
Guy1:Because you dident get on the Rollercoaster with me

Example 2: watch out with that guy bro, he keep looking at you. Ese tiguere un palomo.

Example3: your boyfriend is a palomo, you should hang out with a real man.
by Harlemz fynezt September 28, 2015
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