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someone who is straight up into Dino poo. the paleo-fecalpheliac fantasizes about dinosaurs and various other prehistoric creatures dropping a load of prehistoric feces directly onto their face, chest, and body. the paleo-fecalpheliac is different from your standard fecalpheliac in that, rather than scoping out the scene above ground, they must venture deep below the earths surface for the feces they desire. paleontology is a common career path of the paleo-fecalpheliac, where they and their peers can be known to spend entire lifetimes uncovering the sweet poo that lay dormant deep in the soil of our plant Earth. paleo-fecalpheliacs' interest in prehistoric feces is harmless to the average homosapien because the feces of the living is too fresh, soft, potent, and recent to be considered of any value to the paleo-fecalpheliac.
paleontologist1: "these bones are incredible, but this poo... mmmmmm."
paleontologist2: "haha looks like someone is a closet paleo-fecalpheliac"
paleontologist1: "shuttt up!!!"
paleontologist2" "ohh chill out, we're all here for the poo, don't worry ;)"
by dinopoo4ever December 03, 2013
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