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A type of clothing with loads of clothing together in one.
Advert man: Are you tired of your scratchy, uncomfortable clothes?
Girl: Yeah...*sad face*

Advert man: Then why not try the pajelehoocho!
Girl: Humma?
Advert man: They're pajamas, they're jeans, they're leggings, it's a hoodie, it's a poncho, it's a... pajelehoocho!!!
Girl: Great! * goes online to order*
by SuperGirl XCX May 22, 2018
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They’re pajamas, they’re jeans, they’re leggings, it’s a hoodie, it’s a poncho! It’s the Pejelehoocho!
Did you see Cat wearing a pajelehoocho today?
by Toy Shady May 17, 2018
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