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has many forms such as paijir, paijemos, nos paijemos, paiji, etc. To paijemos or paijir one must excel in all endeavours and be accepted into Harvard at age of 5. Also, to be classified as a "paiji" one must average a 9.0 gpa and get 6's on all AP tests. A true paijemos also is an mvp of any sport but mostly basketball and tennis. MVP= most valuable paiji.A paiji also derives things for fun and can and will derive anything and everything.
When paiji was born, the world started.

Dont make paiji mad because he will derive you and your family to 0.

The paijemos derived the bible.

Most Valuable Paijemos is good at basketball and tennis.

Nos paijir and nos paijemos so we can make it to harvard one day.

Paijemos ftw.

Bow down to paiji.

Nos paijemos is flawless.
by Parkfoo March 17, 2008
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