It's a situation that occurs once an individual feels the need to release compulsory energies dwelling within them onto the Facebook profile page of another individual:

1) "Liking" every single picture and/or every notification on their profile page that will allow you to "like" the said notification.

2) Flooding the victim's profile page with useless nonsense.

3) Hacking into the victim's personal account and altering information that is used to inform people of the victim's personal life/hobbies/interest, etc.

4) Hacking into the victim's personal account with the sole purpose being that you will post a, "Status Update" with falsified information pertaining to the hacker's choice of topic. Usually it is a status that is meant to be condescending or directed toward the victim himself or herself.

5) Pokes or "Poke Wars".

6) Friend Suggestions. These "Friend Suggestions" would contain individuals that you have never met, want to meet or need to meet. These "friends" are usually of a non-attractive specimen category.

7) Tagging the victim in any picture that he could find on anybody's profile page.

8) For those with a more daring repertoire: Deleting the victim's personal Facebook account.
<i>Victim's next status update once "Page Rape" has been commited":</i>


<i>First comment on the status:</i>

<i>Darrell Jamal</i) Aw shiiiit son yo ass got page raped Fr00b13+ lolz
by bruinboi16 August 29, 2011
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When 2 or more people make multiple replies to a comment/status update on a facebook page that doesn't belong to either of them.

The amount of rapidfire wordplay and oneupmanship can be intimidating for onlookers.

It is often the case during page rape that the owner of the page is unaware of the occurance, until they go to check their email/facebook hours later, finding a barage of reponses often completely unrelated to the original post.
OMG, you guys totally just page raped me! I only updated my status to say that i like sandwiches.
by martini attack September 8, 2009
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when the kid in front of you gets so bored, they go flip shit crazy, turn around and draw on your paper until you get an F.
Kid 1 : *sitting quietly doing work*

Kid 2: *turns around and draws all over kid 1's paper with pen.

Kid 1: " DUDE wtf!?!?!"

Teacher: *grabs paper and puts F on it*

Kid 3: Bro, you just got page raped.
by Nomnomnomimgonnaeatu September 9, 2011
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