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From the Maze Runner: The Death Cure.
This is the page that every tmr, tst and tdc fangirl hates and wants to rip up into a million pieces, pretending it was never written.
Non fan: Whats wrong?
Fan: Page 250
by Bethhieboo April 02, 2015
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Page 250 of tdc
Maze runner fans cried for days
Friend: why are you crying?
Me: page 250

Friend: what was on page 250?
Me: please just leave me alone
Friend: but-
Me: please, (friends name). Please.
by Newty March 15, 2017
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A word that, when used in the presence of The Maze Runner fans, causes severe emotional trauma. Can also be used to describe a senario that causes severe emotional trauma. Is somewhat of an "inside joke" for fans of The Maze Runner series.
Person 1: What page in that book are you on?
Person 2: I'm on page 250.
The Maze Runner fan: What!?! *Starts sobbing hysterically*

Family member: Our dog just passed away.
The Maze Runner fan: What?!?! This is page 250 all over again! *Starts sobbing hysterically*
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by TheBookNerd July 07, 2017
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Also called "page 2.50" or "P. 2.50"
Originates from page 250 of The Maze Runner series: The Death Cure that has caused tears and denial among fans.

An event that you try to erase from your memory. You avoid talking about it at all costs because it hurts or feels uncomfortable to think about.
Also used for the action of pretending it never happened.
Friend: do you remember that time when you...?
You: I've been trying to page 250 that one...
Friend: did you hear about that girl who...?
You: omg no how embarrassing!
Friend: I know right? Serious case of Page 250
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