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"A well-known rule that any reddit thread that becomes large enough will eventually have an American pretending to be Irish." -u/MacHaggis

Americans often like to identify themselves as the nationality of their ancestors despite not having that nationality themselves. They'll claim to be Irish on forums like Reddit, where you expect someone saying they're Irish to be from Ireland.

While interacting with people actually from Ireland, they still claim to be Irish despite having no connection to the country. Usually they cite culture and bloodlines as the justification.
"I'm Irish, which is why I've always wanted to visit Ireland. My great-great grandmother was from Ireland, so I'm both culturally and genetically Irish. I grew up hearing all about Ireland because it's my family's homeland. I've never heard of 'The Troubles' though, is that a new band?"

"As an actual Irish person, you're not Irish, you're American. Paddy's law strikes in every goddamn thread."
by Toujourspurpadfoot April 21, 2018
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