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1. a total shithead/spastic, "that guy's a padden"
2. to undertake an act of stupidity, "oops, he did a padden"
3. loosely used as a substitute for most derogatory comments, "what a fucking padden", "stop being a dick you total padden"
4. can be used to define anything stupid or negative in any circumstance, "that damn bird is as fat as a fucking padden"

"i have been working the last 7 hours on a business coursework and i have now got about 40 pages (A level work) and im extremely bored! And what i found out is that u fucking lucky buggers in america do this sort of stuff in university!!!! Im 16 and im doing work that an university student in america does. Now im extremely interested on what work you do in america? Even though i pretty much americans are gay with no inteligence what so ever, and have an arse the size of 2 chairs (im surprised you can get up and off your seats in Macy Ds) which means when you fall over it takes an hour to get up because your legs cant hit the floor. Oooooo OOOoooo here is another one When you become thin again you go on about how hard it was to drop the weight and really all you have done is get lypo lol!!! probably from the hoover lol! Oh and another one is that i see most of you guys cant spell in america, for some reason i always see you spell no as now, noe, or know, like your some sort of retard or infant! Oh and someone tell me why u call each other "dawg" or "nigger" cmon all the words you use to greet each other is an insult made by white people to degrade blacks and now you are using it to sound cool! lol how fucking ignorent and unjust can u get!"

Padden (2004)"So bored so very bored", Ubersite,
by Michael Padden January 05, 2007
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