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Wearing or carrying a gun. Usually meant for a handgun, but is generally used for all firearms. Also known as packing heat, carrying, or just plain dangerous.

It should also be noted that you only ask someone if they are packing, but never, ever tell someone that you are "packing iron". Most people shouldn't answer 'yes' to the question, because that means you're either a gangster, gangsta, or wigger.
Italian Mafia 1: Hey, man... you packing iron?
Italian Mafia 2: Yeah, I'm packin'. We gotta hit Valencio tonight. But choo' just fogetta'boutit.

Police 1: Hey, you! Drop that weapon and put your hands in the air!
Police 2: NOW!

Mafia 1&2: Shit!
by Ben June 18, 2006
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