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A wonderful person who always puts others needs first. Very kind-hearted and loves playing sports!
That is a Pachia alright!
by scanalous June 10, 2014
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A badass Korean who, even though she hates almost everyone, has room in her heart for the nerds and and the other social rejects of the school.
Pachia is such a badass.
by GlitterBug43 March 29, 2015
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Pa Chia is the name of a Hmong-Asian girl. Pa Chia's are very, very stubborn, conceited, independent, glitter fanatics, and are very positive towards others. They have an island named after them because of their amazing persuasion skills in tricking a king to name an island after them. They are rebels who will rule the world one day with their doggy friends.
Pa Chia is such a queen bee.
by belowavgg December 11, 2017
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A beautiful Hmong woman who descended from the lub ntuj(the heavens) to bless humanity. Zaj dab neeg(hmong stories and folklore) suggests that her unparalleled beauty once put a spell on all mortal men and women alike; the more you looked at her, the more you would fall in love with her timeless beauty. Her name is often invoked to describe someone who is a stone cold savage, because she is so mean and refuses to share her cute face with you. However, if anyone ever heard her voice, they would feel that her personality is just a shield to protect her from lub ntiaj teb(the mortal realm) because her sweet voice betrays her staunch personality. Her voice comes from the heart so it speaks the truth. If you listen closely, you will hear her true, raw feelings hidden within the underlying and subtleness of her sweet voice.
Her name reflects her journey in this world. There stands a sturdy tree atop a hill in lub hav ntawm npauj npaim(The Valley Hidden in Butterflies). This tree blossoms new flowers(paj chiab) come every new year. The flowers tend to die in Winter, but without fail they will always come back in Spring. Like this concept, Pa Chia is a strong, persistent bloom that can overcome all of her obstacles. Leave her in the miserable rain, but that only feeds her ambitious appetite. Like these flowers, she may be struck down by her harsh environment and experiences, but her hom phiaj(goals/will) has been written in the stars. Pa Chia is always growing and persevering:)))
Are you Pa Chia, because you've stolen my let me cuff you ;)
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by glisteningsaliva July 02, 2019
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