stupid nigger, loves men, smells bed, sucks cock.
stupid nigger, loves men, smells bed, sucks cock..
by Nick April 25, 2005
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A term used by nerds and et cetera to really confuse people, but generally means something that the other party\s does not know, or cannot do, although in some cases just to get them to go look it up on the web and get insulted (if you're one reading this you got owned).

Also a term used by the "B:\" hacking gang as like "secret handshake".
1.Nerd: PAC have more then 40 IQ. *to jock*
Jock: What...
(Note: the jock usually responds with a "stock" insult IE: "your mum" "fuck you" "you are a idiot" and then slumps off to see his girlfriend, which incidentally have never seen each other in their lives, talked for 10 minutes and are now kissing and hugging)

B:\ Hacker: Pac.
Other hacker (not bdrive): Whaa?
Other B:\ Hacker: *nods discretely*
by Pixel Pirate August 28, 2008
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Pussy-Ass Combo, a very underrated trait in women. Pronounced P-A-C, rather than Pac. Those who maintain it well are placed above all others. There is nothing more satisfying than a tight, clean PAC. Can reference the two holes specifically, or the entire region as a whole.
Son: "What makes a girl stand out from all the others?"

Father: "It's all about the PAC son. All about the PAC."
by is she hot? May 05, 2010
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pac,last name,"man"....rofl

Tupac was a suckass little faggot!

20 letters and 3 words
by Busta crap March 20, 2005
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A fine young group of men all residing in the state of Virginia who are known for 3 things, partying, their extraordinary abilities on the playing field and being known throughout the state, if not the nation. You can find them on your girl, in the gym, or on the nearest pong table. Consist of 6 members, Freaky, Big League, Savage, 6, GQ, Young Sin.
"There goes the PAC...i wish i could get down with them."
"Damn, hes dirty as hell...he must be PAC"
"One of the PAC members stole my girl.....again"
by PACISBACK December 11, 2011
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Rhino enraged mammal, that thrives on shotgunning as many cans as possible. If captured, there are many precautions that must be taken, to preserve the safety and sanity of everyone.
Rhino cross bread with a bunny rabbit will result in a PAC
by Gibby6969 October 10, 2010
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