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An abbreviation for the word "pray for you".. or "pray 4 u".

Simply used to announce the prayer for another in the sake of either hope, misery, or ever-lasting prevalence.
Person 1: "Omg, so like James isn't messaging me and I'm totes freaking out!
Biffles: "OMFG, kk babes we'll p4u!!!!"

Person 2: "Omg, my SAT is coming up at the same time as my IB exams and EE due date!!!!!"
Non-IB students: "Haha, chillax bruh we'll p4u"

Person 3: "I'm hoping that orgy at Steph's party tonight is totes gonna be A1"
Passer-by: "I'll p4u, acquaintance"
by b4tool June 06, 2015
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