Exploiting –perhaps unconsciously - researcher degrees of freedom until p<.05.
That finding seems to have been obtained through p-hacking, the authors dropped one of the conditions so that the overall p-value would be less than .05.

She is a p-hacker, she always monitors data while it is being collected.
by PProf January 31, 2012
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Manipulation of statistics such that the desired outcome assumes "statistical significance", usually for the benefit of the study's sponsors. Usually done by ex post facto choice of significance labels and simple reporting of results as being conclusive regardless of calculated p-value. This depends on the public's general lack of understanding of statistical measures and press non-reportage of details.

Also the basis of nutrition research.
Study: "Soy protein was shown to reduce cancer rates in rats with a p <1.0" (effectively random data)

Next day's headline: "Soy Cures Cancer"

Sales soar 1000%

p-hacking = Profit.
by Cortical Vortex June 10, 2015
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