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I.) There are many variants of "oxso." However, these are the most common:

1.) A greeting among friends.
2.) A Chinese individual (usually non-derogatory.)

II.) In addition, there are several variants of "oxso" including but not limited to:

1.) awkso- a greeting used in awkward situations
2.) oxsno- declining statement
3.) oxsnow- snow
4.) oxsknow- one who is omniscient; possessing omniscience
I1.) Rob: "Oxsooooooooooo!"
Andrea: "Oxsoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-uh."
I2.) "I can't believe the oxsos haven't come back from golfing
"I hope that oxso drives faster, 'cause I want my beef
and broccoli platter now!"
by R. Epp December 01, 2007
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