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A variation of the sexual position doggy style performed by the male. Just before climax the male must pull out and stick it in the girl's ass (that's the ow). Then when she turns to look what has just been rammed up her ass, simultaneously punch her in the face and blow your load up her ass (that's the pow). Finally, upon finishing, pull out and exit the room with a satisfying "ciao". Note: never talk to her again.
When Jessica cheated on her boyfriend with Roberto, he gave her an ow pow ciao. When her boyfriend Frank got back from class he found her unconsious in bed, face down and ass up, with semen leaking from her asshole. He quickly felched that up (being that he is a closet homosexual), then fetched some water from the bathroom with which to revive her.
by BigDaddyMark April 23, 2006
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