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This is what our fucking national news media does every fucking time some nut starts killing people or some tragedy takes place. It's also the reason the news now calls one soldier 'a troop' as in 25 Troops were killed today. It starts with some saddened faced motherfucker female or male and they always start high with the death count from 'anonymous sources' and hope that they're are babies and pregnant women involved because it sounds a lot more tragic! Any death is tragic but our 'man bites dog' fucking media hopes for a high death count whether it be war, some psycho, plane crash, tornado, hurricane etc. Fuck you to all news networks everywhere you fucking shameless death mongers.
BREAKING NEWS: There was a 'massacre' at a high school today and there are 41 known dead... BREAKING NEWS: We just found out there are only 38 known dead... 32....29....27....19.....11.... BREAKING NEWS!!! Massacre at the high school continues with this update!! 3 people were killed today in a High School massacre!! Two of them were the gunmen..... BREAKING NEWS, the high school student is wounded but in stable condition but the two gunmen are dead in this 'HIGH SCHOOL MASSACRE'!! More to follow...I hope our breaking news helped to 'over deathtimate' the death count so it sounded a lot larger of a number that had died and more of a tragedy to all of you reality fucking morons out there!!
by Florida Sunshine November 14, 2009
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