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A person who obsessively "tracks" what other people are wearing on a daily basis and give an unwanted opinion. "Outfit Trackers" are clothes nazis who are the scum of the earth.
Guy 1: "Hey you wore those pants yesterday?"
Guy2: OMG! You're outfit tracking me! You're a goddamn OCD "Outfit Tracker" GTFO here with that shit man!
(Most famously defined by Larry David in his latest season of his show "Curb Your Enthusiasm where F. Murray Abraham tells Larry that "You wore those pants yesterday didn't you?!"
by I Love Larry David. He's funny December 05, 2017
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Someone who tracks the outfit your wore either the day before or in the same week.

Origin: Curb Your Enthusiasm
Ryan, you wore those pants yesterday. Don't be an Outfit-tracker Tyler.
by pmcmanner December 08, 2017
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